During ‘Image & Reality’ I had the experience of using a 35mm film camera and developing B&W film in my technical workshops. Due to my poor motor skills I was unable to process the film independently, therefore my practical assistant undertook this role. However, I watched over him and grasped the technique fairly quickly. Learning this process, gave me greater understanding of photographic chemicals, film types and the overall developing process.


This has made me consider the type of medium I use to carry out my photographic projects, as film can evoke a certain aesthetic due to the quality, texture and other technological factors. Considering the time-scale of this project I think I will use digital as my main methodology, as film may be too time consuming,


I also gained knowledge on digitally scanning negatives on to the computer, I now have a better understanding of resolution, pixels, dimensions, etc.


The developed images have an urban fashion feel to them, due to the location and attire worn in the photographs. If I was to improve these images I would enhance the clarification of the photos, as it has turned out quite blurry.  


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