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Another artist that inspired my conceptual approach and experimentation was artist Chloe Newman, I was particularly compelled by her ‘Black Tropicana’ series when she collaborated with Rebecca Sheinberg. This was mainly due to the aesthetics and framing, however I like the conflict she has crated between the two subjects. I feel that these exude elements of a superficial reality, this is evident in the plastic qualities of the photographs. The one that intrigued me the most was the image with the jewellery and the milk dripping down her hands. Its almost like the subject is removing all the artificialness out of the jewellery, making a statement that materialistic objects are almost like poison.


I am also inspired by the long nails in these images, as due to the colours and the length off the nails it hints an idea of exaggerated beauty, which can be quite beautiful and disturbing at the same time.


Overall, these images have inspired me aesthetically and conceptually and this is present in my last experimental shoot.


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