Recently I experimented with colour film using a model in a 'home' location. My initial intention was to portray tiredness. However, due to lighting and shutter shake I ended up with blurry and distorted photographs. My immediate reaction was disappointment as I wanted clear visuals, but as I thought about it the photographs created this abstraction of emotion. It also communicated a part of me, as I shake naturally the images began to feel more distinctive and personal. It created this narrative of a blurred reality, and formed of shapes and symbolism. I find my images very suggestive in the way that they are formed, I can sense a strong link within them to myself, my project (exhaustion) and Image and Reality. 


Herman Rahman
27 October 2015, 23:07

I really like these Stephen, the nature of the image has now shifted into Painting and the colour palette is lovely.

Ruby Steele
28 October 2015, 14:42

I really like the way these have turned out! I actually think the camera shake is something you should utilise. It adds a sense of displacement and disorientation to the mood. 

Panicha Leenutaphong
01 November 2015, 6:15

I really think these photograph turned out to be quite personal, like you said. Also when I look at it for me, I feel as if it was an image captured from a dream like state or imagination.

Soilse Lundberg
25 November 2015, 20:14

My whole Image and reality project is about embracing movement and flow in front of the camera.... I really like these :)


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