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For my final shoot I decided to construct my own dress, inspired from the idea of a plastic/artificial reality. I bought plastic material from the Soho high-street and used it to form a dress. The reason why I chose a plastic was to emphasise the idea of an artificial reality, but also I think it will evoke the idea of a cocoon which I mentioned in my early research. All so the fact that the garment is see-through will allow the viewer to focus on the expression of my subject. However, I will impose fashion within the dress by accessories, make-up and atmosphere.


I think this dress with create a conceptual approach to my images, due to the transparent material and styling. I do feel that this dress will encourage contemporary and aesthetically pleasing photographs. I feel this dress will be ambiguous within my pictures, as there is no pattern dictating a certain aesthetic. I plan to impose my concept of exhaustion in my framing and posing.


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