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In todays tutorial I was introduced to a short film titled “Germs” created by RACHEL MACLEAN. My initial thoughts of the video were a little obscure, however when the video continued I got the impression that it was attempting to portray how industries and media try to manipulate us as a viewer. The media feeds us all this distorted information about beauty and reality, they try to manipulate society’s view by telling us we need to be more beautiful. I feel that this has a strong connection to ‘Image & Reality’, as this film is portraying a distorted perception on society, therefore creating the narrative on how we are a part of a social construction and how the media influences this.


Watching this video has made me question my post-production process and has encouraged me refrain from heavy digital manipulation of my subject. This is because even though I am constructing my own reality, I don’t want to distort the viewer’s perception of beauty, as I feel beauty is ambiguous. It has also has made me think about how I will use cling-film as a signifier and how I will create this notion of a ‘plastic reality’. Lastly, it has inspired me to experiment with the moving image and how I can use this methodology to translate my idea. 


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