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Heroin chic started in the mid 1990’s and was a major trend in contemporary fashion, models would have pale skin, dark circles under their eyes and predominant bone structure to portray this style. This emerged as heroin was becoming purer and the price had decreased, resulting in an increase of usage.


Heroin Chic was known to be a grungy take on fashion and showed a different perspective towards beauty. This trend received a lot of criticism from various groups, especially anti-drug groups, as this style was used in major fashion campaigns including Calvin Klein, therefore people were concerned that young individuals would be influenced by the models and the use of Heroin.


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Corrine Day was a contributor to heroin chic, she created a documentary feel to many of her photographs which had a rawness imposed within them. Her images had a youthful, care free feeling to them. Using mainly desolate and broken down rooms, she portrayed these models in quite a vulnerable manner by them wearing minimal clothing and looking disorientated.


When I look at these images I see an element of exhaustion, due to the tiredness of their bodies and the expression they show. I feel that portraying these models in this way is vulgar, however it does show an aspect of reality, as it was a current trend in popular culture. As I feel these images relate to my project, I am going to capture the essence of tiredness that Corrine Day portrays in some experimental photographs. However, I will impose my own style of photographing and impose an element of Bettina von Zwehl, in regards to lighting. 

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After completing these images I feel that I have obtained a youthful feel and captured my intended aesthetics. However, I feel that I could of emphasised a more exhausted expression so it would be relatable to my project. I like my achieved lighting within these photographs, therefore I will impose these qualities in future shoots. 


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