For my final/main images for image and reality I want my model to be wrapped in cling film. The concept of this would be that it would encourage a sense of entrapment, fear of escaping. When I thought of this idea it immediately reminded me of a Cocoon, the fact that we are growing but are afraid of the unknown. We were once protected but are now exposed to this confusing, tiring world. I thought that this would intertwine with the portrayal of exhaustion as it would impose a reflection of what once was and the reality of today. I intend to experiment with this material throughout this project to obtain knowledge on lighting, etc.















Fashion and beauty photographer Tomaas created a series titled ‘Plastic Fantastic’. The clothing, accessories and headpieces were all made from a form of plastic. This photo-shoot has inspired me in regards to styling of the model, as I like the idea of pale make-up because I feel it can exude an element of exhaustion. Tomaas has also created this new reality with these photographs, as the images we see are very ‘dream-like’, therefore we are transported to Thomaas’s world. These images are very portraiture based, when I come to do future shoots, I need to experiment with distance, setting and poses so that they become more of a fashion narrative. This photo-shoot has encouraged me to be more experimental and dynamic within my images.



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