For my final images I carefully selected the images that I felt had a strong link towards my project and the biggest conceptual relevance. When determining my layout, I wanted a main focal point, in order to portray me narrate then the surrounding pictures would be elements that encourage or evoke an element of fatigue also.


In regards to presentation I decided to print on matt paper, as I felt it gave a denser and worn look. The use of gloss would of gave my images more life and hydration, therefore I avoided this look. I chose to print one a3 (the main focal point) and five a4s to surround the a3. When I was hanging I thought about the relationship between the prints and how they visually communicated with each other, to strengthen my composition.


I chose to mount on white board to give my images more dimension so that they become more enforced towards the viewer, I also feel it gave my images a level of sophistication.


Alongside my photographs, I chose to play my film ‘Artificial Beauty’ this was to strengthen my aesthetics and to sonically and visually create an atmosphere within my images.


 Overall, I am happy with my presentation as I feel it exudes my concept of fatigue in the city, but the minimalistic approach leaves it open to interpretation. I have constructed and depicted a fantasy for the viewer, by using sound and visuals.

Layout for presentation


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