Nastya Sten, Aya Jones, Yumi Lambert, Harleth Kuusik in Alexander McQueen, 'Horn of Plenty' Autumn / Winter 2009

These photographs we’re taken by Tim Walker, this artist creates obscure fashion narratives and creates/constructs his own reality. The two presented images struck me the most out of his portfolio, due to the technological and imaginative factors. Looking at the styling of the picture, we almost disregard the subjects as models and see this new being, filling the viewer with a desire to understand this ‘creature’ we view upon. The subjects become this unidentified being of nature, this is especially evident in ‘Xiao Wen Ju’, as the use of plastic almost insinuates this immortal, non-living being and turns the human into more of an object. Again, the use of the plastic in ‘Nastya Sten’ encourages this impression of a non-living being, defining something unworldly and quite disturbing.


 Walker’s idea of distorting fashion and the reality of the subject has dramatically change the path of my project. These two photographs have encouraged me to remove all reality from my model, constructing her into something sublime and extraordinary. I feel that this will allow me to depict a new being and create an unorthodox visual. I will take influence from the styling in regards to the white and pale faces, as I feel that this will add and compliment the concept of fatigue and emphasise the tiredness I wish to communicate. I plan to remain taking influence from past artist, both conceptually and aesthetically. I will also translate my concept through posing and emotional expression. I also  feel that there will be a certain element of artificialness in my outcomes, hinting at the idea of a plastic reality.

Xiao Wen JuLondon, UKChinese VogueDecember 2014


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