I undertook these images in response to my current artist research, I gathered aesthetics from Rachel Maclean and Rebecca Scheinberg. In addition, I also wanted to experiment with my idea of using cling-film and a liquid substance (Milk). My conceptual approach within these photographs was to explore the idea of a plastic reality, emphasising this through my chosen materials. Imposed within these images I wanted to depict an element of exhaustion, to visually communicate my initial concept.


Reflecting upon my final images I am somewhat disappointed with the technical aspects of my photographs (lighting, texture). Furthermore, after experimenting with various liquids throughout the photo-shoot I’ve figured out that the use of water compliments my concept and my aesthetics a lot more. Water exudes a more tired feel to my visuals, whereas milk created a completely different concept which confused the image, in result I will be using water in my final shoot. During this shoot I also experimented with cling-film, looking at the main results I feel I need to be more considerate of how I style this on my model, along with the fashion accessories. To improve this styling I could use the internet for inspiration, or it may be possible to liaise with a stylist through social media. In addition, I shot with a different lens which corrupted my outcomes, as it added an unwanted vignette.  


Referring to the conceptual elements of my photos, I feel that they do portray my intended narrative, through the materials communicated and water added to the hair. I think my narrative if most present in the image with the cling-film over the models eye, as I feel it shows how we are influenced by this plastic reality.


This shoot has defeated a lot of problems, as I am now having an idea of the appearance of my outcomes. When I come to undertake my final shoot, I shall use both white and black backdrops, as I feel the black background was too harsh. I have also obtained a greater knowledge on lighting and styling.


Overall I am disappointed as it doesn’t define my aesthetic as a fashion photographer, as my images are usually cleaner. However, I am happy that this shoot has allowed me to experiment and solve future problems.


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